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Social Media Security

Social Media accounts are powerful tools. They are the digital representation of who we are and can reveal a lot about a person and who they are connected to. As they increasingly become a part of daily routines, they have also become a gold mine for hackers to capture your information or take over your account for personal gain. Read more

How To Detect Scams

Over the years, cyber criminals have modified their tactics and developed new and creative ways to deceive individuals and businesses. With the volume of freely available data on the internet, cyber criminals are now using the numerous resources, like social media, to specifically target their victims. This new method is called Personalized Scamming. Read more

Protecting Seniors from Financial Abuse

Older adults are often targeted for such exploitation because they may be perceived as trusting, they may be cognitively impaired, they may have more funds available after a lifetime of saving, and potentially less exposure to technological advances. Read more

Spring Cleaning Security Update

Doing some Spring cleaning? If it’s time to dispose of your old smartphone, laptop, or digital camera; listen up! As you’re disposing these devices, you should be mindful that they may contain your personal and private data Read more

Social Security Scam

Know the warning signs and how to handle social security scams. Read more

How to Stay Safe From Tax Scams

As people seek to file their tax returns this year, cybercriminals will be busy trying to take advantage of this with a variety of scams. Here are some ways to help protect yourself from tax fraud and scams. Read more

Cybersecurity Resolutions for 2019

Did you make a New Years resolution? Consider these Cybersecurity Resolutions for 2019. Read more

Holiday Shopping Security Tips

The holidays are upon us and this year most of us will be doing our holiday shopping online. Please use the following guidelines to stay safe while shopping. Read more

One-Time Security Code

Information and FAQ's regarding the one-time security code. Read more

October is National Cyber Security Awareness Month (NCSAM)

October is National Cyber Security Awareness Month (NCSAM) which is an annual campaign to raise awareness about the importance of cybersecurity. Read more