One-Time Security Code


What is the one-time security code and when is it used?

It is a single- use randomly generated code that is delivered to you via phone call or text message. We ask this unique code to verify your identity or during certain transactions to prevent fraudulent transactions on your account. Security code is always sent to the phone number that we have associated with your account.  You must enter this security code before completing the applicable transaction. 


How does the one-time security code work?

When you set up certain transactions in online banking or log into online banking from an unrecognized device, you will receive a security code on the phone number that we have on file for you. Your code can be sent via text to your cell phone or via a phone call to your cell phone or land line.


Why is a one-time security code needed?

The one time code adds a two layer verification (Your password and the one time security code) and helps keep your account safe from unauthorized access. By requiring the entry of a one-time code and the use of a phone number you have on record with us, fraud can be prevented even if an unauthorized user learns about online banking user ID and password. It also ensures that you are notified if an unauthorized user attempts to access your account information or complete transactions without your knowledge.


Phone setup for one-time passcode

We will always send you the one-time password to the phone number that we have on file. You can update or add phone numbers to receive the one-time code by signing into online banking and updating your contact information.


At Northern Bank, we work hard to keep your information safe and secure. Please be sure to visit our Security & Privacy Page to stay informed and protect your personal and account information.