Spring Cleaning Security Update


Doing some Spring cleaning? If it’s time to dispose of your old smartphone, laptop, or digital camera; listen up! As you’re disposing these devices, you should be mindful that they may contain your personal and private data. Whether you’re sending your device to be recycled or selling it, you don’t want your finances, photos, or passwords to be stored on the hardware.
The first step you should take to ensure safety when disposing electronics is to wipe all of the data from your devices – but NOT before you have properly backed up your data to another device or the cloud. Once the backup is complete, you can follow the steps listed below to clear all off the data from your device, based on which device you have.

Android Devices:
Open the Settings app, then tap System > Advanced > Reset options > 
Erase All Data (Factory Reset).
Open Settings, then tap General > Reset > Erase All Content and Settings.
Windows Computer:
You’ll need to go to Settings, click Update & Security, then Recovery, then Get Started (found under the Reset this PC option). You should ensure that you choose to remove all personal files during the process.
Chromebook or Chrome OS tablet:
Open the Settings app, than tap Advanced > Powerwash
Restart your Mac, and hold the Option+Command+R keys until you see a spinning globe. Release the keys, then choose Reinstall macOS > Continue > Erase All Content and Setting
Insert the USB to a computer, open the USB folder, right click, and delete all folders.
Digital Cameras:
You can either take out the SD card, or select to erase all of the photos from the SD card option. Then open the camera settings. There you should find an option to restore to factory default.
Places To Safely Dispose of your Devices:
Once you have cleaned up your devices, you can take them to Best Buy or Staples. The company that manufactured your device may also have a comprehensive recycling program, so you can contact them as well.